Advocate Anar Katebaeva. Almaty City Bar Association

Anar Katebaeva

Almaty City Bar Association

Laws: civilcontractcorporatefamilylabor.

Working languages: KazakhRussian.

Territory: AlmatyAktau.

Education: Magna Cum Laude of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, 1993–1997

Experience: 22 years, including prosecution agencies of Mangystau region, major holding companies: BUTYA, SMAT, ARNA Petroleum, Gazpromneft-Kazakhstan.


  1. Consulting in the field of civil, contract, family, labor law.
  2. Drawing up, legal analysis of contracts, agreements, other legal documents.
  3. Claim settlement.
  4. Conduct of negotiations of contracts signing, execution, termination of contracts, pre-trial settlement of disputes on violation / non-fulfillment of contractual obligations.
  5. Representation of interests in all matters of civil, family, labor law.
  6. Judicial protection of the interests of plaintiffs, defendants, complainants.
  7. Filing of suits.
  8. Assistance in resolving family disputes.
  9. Drawing up marriage contracts.
  10. Alimony recovery, property division.
  11. Drafting, legal examination of the internal regulatory acts of the employer (orders, instructions, regulations, constituent documents).
  12. Collection of all types of debt.
  13. The specified list of services is not exhaustive..