Advocate Anna Dudina. Kostanay Regional Bar Association

Anna Dudina

Kostanay Regional Bar Association

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Telegram: advokatdudina

Instagram: @advokatdudina

Address: 111 Tauelsizdik, Bar Association, Legal counseling #2. Kostanay, Kazakhstan

Hours of operation: Mon. – Fri.: 9 am – 7 pm, at all other times – by arrangement (online)

Laws: administrativecivilcontractcorporatecriminalfamilyinheritancemediataxtransport.

Working language: Russian.

Territory: Kostanay region.


  1. Court advocacy (in city court, specialized interdistrict economic court, specialized administrative court, regional court, Supreme Court of Kazakhstan; preparation of documents to International Commercial Arbitration Court for RCC, Justice of the peace and Arbitral tribunals of Russia) .
  2. Inheritance settlement, licensing, trade-mark registration.
  3. Registration of full-value and preliminary transactions.
  4. Registration of rights to real estate and movable property, land.
  5. Registration, re-registration and liquidation of legal entities, individual entrepreneurs, farmers.
  6. Drawing up resolutions of the akimat, decisions of the akim and maslikhat.
  7. Processing regional and industry programs.
  8. Preparation of bid, tender documentation; work with state procurement.
  9. Conducting accounting and tax accounting for special regimes and for the generally established regime (1C).
  10. Grant project development, reporting.
  11. Work with Word, Excel, OpenOffice, Linux Webring, Microsoft Power Point presentations, CorelDRAW (Graphics Suite X3), E-mail, Internet, with legal databases "Law", "Lawyer", etc..
  12. Responsibility, communication skills, stress resistance.
  13. Legal advice, paperwork; HR work (also online).
  14. In addition, I provide legal assistance (on my own car, category B driver's license) in the city of Kostanay and the Kostanay district; far off (online) - across Kazakhstan and Russia.

Additional information:

  • Experience of cooperation with individuals and legal entities of Russia, Moldova and Canada.