Advocate Bagdagul Azhygalieva. West Kazakhstan Bar Association

Bagdagul Azhygalieva

West Kazakhstan Bar Association

Laws: civilcriminalfamily.

Working languages: KazakhRussian.

Territory: AlmatyUralsk.


  • August 1997 till November 1998 – prosecutor assistant in West Kazakhstan Zhanibek district.
  • November 1998 - January 2003 – head prosecutor, chief prosecutor of Investigation and Inquest Administration of West Kazakhstan Prosecution Service.
  • January 2003 - February 2004 – deputy prosecutor of West Kazakhstan Terekty district.
  • February 2004 - December 2005 – prosecutor of Regional Prosecution Administration, head assistant of West Kazakhstan prosecutor.
  • January 2005 to the present day – lawyer of West Kazakhstan Regional Bar Association.

Additional information:

  • Whilst in the prosecution service, awarded with a «Best Employee of Public Prosecution Service» second-degree badge of honour; in advocateship – commendations and letters of appreciation of RKA chairman .
  • Holds a professional mediator certificate and licence, as well as training certificates on the following topics: «Safety and Security of Lawyer», «Invalid Transactions», «New approaches and methods of legal defence», «Coaching technics, skills and tools», «International and national law of migrants security» .
  • Graduated from Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (Almaty) with a degree in Legal Science .