Advocate Gulnara Zhuaspaeva. East Kazakhstan Bar Association

Gulnara Zhuaspaeva

East Kazakhstan Bar Association

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Facebook: Zhuaspaevagulnara.ju

Laws: administrativecivilcriminal.

Working languages: KazakhRussian.

Territory: Almatyall of Kazakhstan.

Experience: Lawyer experience 29 years since November 1991.


  1. I serve foreign companies.

Additional information:

  • I develop and maintain Facebook pages.
  • I give interviews on the application of law.
  • I post on Facebook about my cases.
  • I can influence in the Internet regarding a case in which public resonance is needed.
  • Repeatedly participated in the talk show «Our Truth» and «Astarly Aqiqat» KTK as a law expert.
  • I prepare young lawyers for advocacy.