Advocate Inabat Abzhanova. Almaty City Bar Association

Inabat Abzhanova

Almaty City Bar Association

Laws: administrativecivilcriminalfamilyhousinginheritancelaborland.

Working languages: KazakhRussian.

Territory: AlmatyAlmaty region.

Education: Graduated from KazSU, Faculty of Law, majoring in Law


  1. Pre-trial defense.
  2. Private prosecution defence.
  3. Defense in the court of first instance.
  4. Appeal of sentences and court orders.
  5. Defense in the court of appeal and cassation.
  6. Representation of interests at the enforcement stage.
  7. Solving issues:
    • changes in the type of correctional facility;
    • parole;
    • exemption from punishment;
    • replacing the unserved part of the punishment with softer and others.
  8. Claims and counterclaims.
  9. Order proceedings, including on the collection of alimony.
  10. Paternity establishments.
  11. Recovery of unpaid wages and other payments.
  12. Collection of all types of debts.
  13. Foreclosure on the subject of pledge and other matters.
  14. Participation in court cases.
  15. Securing a claim.
  16. Representation of interests at the stage of execution of court decisions.
  17. Representation of interests in matters of special proceedings, including:
    • on establishing facts of legal significance;
    • Declaring Missing and Declaring Dead;
    • on recognition of partially competent and incompetent;
    • for forced hospitalization in a psychiatric hospital;
    • on the establishment of incorrect records of acts of civil status;
    • about adoption and other;
  18. Participation in courts of appeal, cassation and supervisory instances.
  19. Participation in the stages of taking measures to ensure, initiate and consider cases of administrative offenses.
  20. Appeal against decisions on administrative offenses.
  21. Representation of interests at the stage of execution of decisions on cases of administrative offenses.
  22. The specified list of services is not exhaustive and depends on the specific situation..

Additional information:

  • Many years of experience and court practice, professional efforts are aimed at providing qualified legal assistance to citizens..
  • A comprehensive approach to solving legal issues of any complexity..
  • My principles: honesty, integrity and responsibility..