Advocate Tulegen Minibaev. Karagandy Regional Bar Association

Tulegen Minibaev

Karagandy Regional Bar Association

Laws: administrativecivilcopyrightcriminalintellectual property.

Working language: Russian.

Many years of experience and extensive judicial practice allowed to create a universal system that contains an integrated approach to solving legal issues of any complexity.
The search for non-standard solutions combined with high professionalism and responsibility are my hallmark.


  1. Legal analysis of the situation.
  2. Qualified advice in all areas of law.
  3. An integrated approach to resolving legal issues.
  4. Participation in all judicial instances in criminal, civil and administrative cases in all branches of law; land disputes, labor disputes, housing disputes, family disputes, tax disputes, inheritance disputes, bank disputes, civil disputes (debt collection, contesting an official’s actions, invalidating a transaction, establishing a legal fact, etc.), economic disputes, law intellectual property, copyright and related law.
  5. Drawing up local regulatory legal acts.
  6. Representation at the pre-trial stage of dispute settlement.
  7. Representation of the interests of the principal in state authorities, local authorities.
  8. Support of enforcement proceedings.
  9. Challenging tax audit results.
  10. Appeal against decisions of state bodies.
  11. Divorce, division of property.
  12. Inheritance, recognition of ownership of property.
  13. Participation in criminal cases in criminal prosecution bodies from the moment of detention of a suspect and initiation of a criminal case.
  14. Participation in all judicial instances in criminal matters and protecting the interests of the defendant and the victim, regardless of the complexity of the case.
  15. Participation in a juvenile court in defense of the interests of minors in criminal and civil matters.
  16. Preparation of a lawsuit.

Advantages of concluding a legal service contract:

  • Lower costs by saving financial resources.
  • Implementation of legal advice at any convenient time.
  • A variety of options for cooperation.
  • Continuity of the provision of legal services.